"With Scent of Books" is an online gift shop for people who love to read. We offer original handmade bookish accessories - magnetic bookmarks, mugs and coasters, book sleeves and the so-called "bookish" candles – scented candles, designed for the passionate booklovers. Inspired by the books and the magical worlds they reveal to us, our candles and bookish accessories carry the scent of literary characters, fictional magical places, colorful book phrases and expressions that only a true book dragon can understand. We have collected fragments of elven lands, werewolf hiding places, the abilities of shining and not so shining vampires, we have reached the celestial kingdom of angels, we have bottled leprechaun gold, fairy dust and forbidden fruits. And all this is presented in fancy decorative jars, packed in beautiful boxes, waiting to please the person for whom they are intended. We do not sell necessities. We provide food for the soul. Emotion in a jar. A drop of magic. A personal gift that cannot go unnoticed.

Over time, we began to draw inspiration from everything around us, so you can find with us items that are not directly related to books. We offer mouse pads and T-shirts that have amazing prints and will contribute to your mood any time.

The magic of scented candles.
We use only high quality raw materials:

 • Palm wax – natural, valuable and renewable raw material, produced from palm oil. It is not toxic, burns clean and significantly longer than other types of wax.

 • Palm stearin – it is also produced from palm oil. It has a wide use in the productions of candles, cosmetics, plastic and rubber products, and others. Used for the candles, it contributes to the excellent burning and retention of scents, while making the color more saturated and bright. The crystal effect refers to the appearance of the candles. With it they look like in themselves there are small crystals and are more glamorous than the other candles.

 • Cotton wick, colorants and scents for candles.

We work with the biggest producers in Bulgaria, who have proven the quality of their products and have established themselves in Europe and also we buy materials and fragrances from european companies with many years of experience in the production of supplies for candles and cosmetics.

And last, but not least - warmth, love and sorcery. These are the three indivisible ingredients we always use. We tweak a tiny piece of our souls and add it to the specific scents so you could feel our passion and love for the books and for you.

All of our products are handmade in small batches and this gives us an extremely wide variety.

For us the quality and the precision are the key to success and because of that, we strive to constantly improve ourselves, to refine every detail of our work in order to meet your requirements.

Bring a bit of magic into your home with our handmade items!

С аромат на книги® (With Scent of Books) is a registered trademark.

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